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1800's Barometer/Altimeter, Thermometer, & Compass


An exquisite traveler's set featuring a leather bound center-split hard case that opens via its brass latch to reveal a fine silvered dial altimeter/barometer that has a rotating bezel to determine your altitude. It may also be a weather forecaster as the dial also reads "rain, change, fair" and also marked "compensated." It has a heat-blued marker hand in the Breguet style and the case is gilt washed, remaining very bright on the back. To it's side is fitted a silvered dial compass that is also heavy in the hand and well made. Finally is a small thermometer with indications marked out on its white celluloid backing, but it is cracked and no longer functions. The case itself has an easel stand for ease of display. 

These were produced in extremely limited numbers in the mid 1800's and were quite costly scientific tools in their day, with some sets made in gold over brass such as this, or solid sterling silver.

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Measures 3.5-inches tall x 3-inches wide x 1.5-inches deep.